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Berglund is proud to announce the commencement of one of our largest interior renovation construction projects at 115 S. LaSalle in Chicago. This ambitious undertaking, in collaboration with the State of Illinois, Prime Group, and Perkins + Will, aims to transform the historic 115 South LaSalle building, previously known as the Harris Bank Building, into a modern and vibrant space.

Berglund Construction, Borgata Casino gamesthe primary contractor, has been given the important task of overseeing the extensive interior renovation of 37 floors in this iconic structure. The project's scope is vast, covering a wide range of upgrades that will infuse the building with fresh vitality and improve its functionality. Additionally, plaza enhancements will be undertaken to create an inviting and easily accessible outdoor area for visitors and tenants alike.

Internally, the 115 S. LaSalle building will undergo a massive transformation of over 550,000 sqft, elevating its infrastructure to meet the demands of modern businesses. The interior renovations will encompass a wide array of improvements, starting with the upgrade of elevator and escalator systems, ensuring smooth and efficient vertical transportation Borgata Casinowithin the building. Mechanical systems will be overhauled to enhance energy efficiency and optimize the comfort of occupants. Low voltage systems will also be upgraded to support the latest technological advancements.

Moreover, the core bathrooms will receive a complete overhaul, providing tenants with state-of-the-art facilities that meet the highest standards of comfort and design. Furthermore, all existing floors will be renovated to cater to the needs of future tenants. This includes the installation of new partitions, ceilings, lighting systems, and select finishes, creating a modern and customizable space that aligns with the requirements of contemporary businesses. The building will undergo a comprehensive upgrade of equipment and building automation systems, borgata pokersignificantly improving its functionality and efficiency. These enhancements will breathe new life into the building, ensuring a better and more efficient experience for its patrons.

"We are thrilled to be part of the remarkable transformation of the 115 S. LaSalle building," said Fred Berglund, President of Berglund Construction. "This project is a testament to our commitment to revitalizing iconic structures and creating spaces that inspire and accommodate the needs of businesses today. We are proud to work alongside esteemed partners, including the State of Illinois, Prime Group, and Perkins + Will, in bringing this vision to life."